Roberta’s Rules

Old Rules - New Twist


As we know, the Universe has order! The purpose of the Meeting Guide is to provide a process for making Roberta's Rulesdecisions that are effective. We know anything we do which has value is Spirit led.

Our Intention

Our intention is to co-create communication that supports listening to Spirit, and each other, and then sharing from our hearts. We begin with connection in consciousness which seeks to uplift our material group towards in-circuiting with our celestial friends and spirit circuits.

Before we can plan what to do as a community, we need to know who we are and what our hearts and spirits would like to express.  To do that, we need to listen in a new way.

As a newly forming community, we want to find out what each person’s inner teacher has to say.  Silence is an opportunity to listen to Spirit. We return again and again to Spirit; not just in our opening and closing prayer time, but also when we are exploring meaningful questions together. Taking a minute of silent reflection and connection with Spirit is especially important when we are not in agreement. This pause allows each of us to again bring our consciousness back to our Spirit circuit.

Additionally we practice the 5 “A’s”. 

  • Acknowledge what the person said
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Ask clarifying questions
  • Accept other ideas relish in the beauty of different ways of thinking and now knowing another way to look at it.
  • Appreciate each other’s ideas

Responsibilities of meeting participants

  • Notify co-chairs if you are unable to attend.
  • Read agenda and all documents prior to meeting
  • Research agenda items and send out supporting documents  if necessary,

Responsibilities of co-chairs:

The co-chairs plan ahead and email to team the documents needed for the group to be prepared to make decisions efficiently and effectively. Co-chairs determine who will facilitate the meeting using the approved process (TBD).

Sample Agenda
Agenda is sent out 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Frequency of Meetings
Meetings are scheduled once a month.

Beginning prayer
At beginning of group, co-chair asks for someone to lead us in prayer, allowing time for the Spirit guidance. We express gratitude for each person, and for all the spiritual helpers that are with us. We are mindful of our Words (which we say), Attitude and focus (which we bring) and the Experience (which we co-create and actively participate in).

Approval or correction of minutes
Read and approve minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes as distributed? If not the minutes stand approved as distributed.  Take corrections until there are no further corrections. Approve minutes as corrected. If there are no (further) corrections, the minutes stand approved as distributed.

Reports (committees)
Old business agenda items (address first)

Handle debate, put the question; announce the result.
Is there any further business to come before the meeting?
Making and Handling Motions
Voting using Green, Yellow and Red indicators

New Business
Is there new business? If so, the facilitator (one of the co-chairs) recognizes the person and asks for a motion. Person makes motion and it is seconded.
A committee of three members will volunteer to create recommendations on proposed motion.
Repeat process, if needed


Next meeting time verified

We end each meeting with grateful appreciations to strengthen our bonds and connections.

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