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Meredith Tenny, Paula Thompson, Joann Wiedman, Kaye Cooper, Mary Huggins, Michelle Klimesh, Cecelia Lampley, Sharon Lanier, & Dolores Nice

In the wake of IC14, several of us women got on Skype and began talking about our common interest in Our Mother—the Universe Mother Spirit of Nebadon. Many people have expressed interest in this topic. Our goal is to increase awareness of her throughout the Urantia movement. This revelation introduces the family of God. Our Mother’s tender presence heals, invigorates, and empowers. All of us, men as well as women, need a deeper experience of our spiritual family. The time is approaching when we will share that family with the world. Let us honor and serve Our Father Michael and Our Mother.

We have observed that some women readers are relatively isolated with few opportunities for the support and sharing of other women readers. Even those of us who are not isolated leave our friends at conferences and immediately yearn to continue the wonderful friendships with women who live far from us. Sisters in Spirit is interested in helping to fill those needs. We are in the process of creating a Facebook site so that women who are “Urantia Book” readers can communicate in the warmth of friendship with other women. There will be posts, thought-provoking questions, sharing, and articles to which women can respond, comment on, or you may originate posts of your own. Our Mother will be a frequent topic of discussion, and we are looking forward to getting better acquainted with her. For updates on the launch of our Facebook Page, email facebookmotherspirit@gmail.com.

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